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My Insurer is telling me I have to use their own Approved Repairer, is this correct?
You have the right to use the Repairer of your choice. Your Insurer may advise you to use their own Approved Repairer, but the final choice remains with you, the Policy holder. All Insurers have an obligation governed by the FSA to 'Treat customers fairly'.

Answers to commonly asked questions

If I have a minor accident, and I don't want to claim through my insurance policy can H&P still repair my car?
Yes, just make contact with us or use our online estimate booking request form. We'll respond promptly to book it in for damage assessment, before providing an estimate, and booking in for repair.

Can I have a courtesy car?
We have a large fleet of courtesy cars under 2 years old for all our customers, so can usually provide a courtesy car. These have options of manual or automatic gearboxes. Our courtesy cars are subject to availability, and with insurance claims subject to your policy entitlement.


Can you carry out work on my vehicle outside of an insurance claim?
Yes, we have the latest equipment to repair most vehicles, while also specialising in all minor smart repairs. Where customers ask us to carry out repairs additional to those authorised by the insurance company, these additional repairs will need to be paid for before the vehicle is released to you.

The Accident wasn't My Fault, why should I have to claim on my own Policy?
If the accident wasn't your fault, you do not have to claim on your own policy. We can obtain authority to repair your vehicle directly through the at-fault Insurers, supply a like for like replacement vehicle for the duration of repairs, remove the need for you to pay any excess, and obtain re-imbursement for any out of pocket expenses.

How long will my car take to get repaired?
This depends on the size and type of repair, but in all cases you will be given an estimated time of completion once our engineers have conducted a full damage estimate.

Acquired a dent or scratch?
Use our exclusive Concierge service